Monday, 23 April 2012

Sewing in the rain!

Well it must have been the lousy weather we had last week but I dusted off my sewing machine and decided to whipped up a few little cuties.
I love them, and so does their new little owner. 

A tooth fairy cute... the little ones teeth goes in the heart pocket, love it! 

A little friend to take to bed, snug in it's little blanky/pillow case. We arent using a pillow yet and 'Master 15 months' doesnt even have a special bedtime teddy but I saw this in a book and couldn't resist trying to make my own.

A couple of people said I should be selling these little treasures, but with my snails pace sewing style I would need to speed it up alittle (or maybe alot!) to make it even remotely worth while.

oh and a cute little sewing kit for Miss Casey for her birthday...all mums must have a sewing kit!

I think I'm over my sewing moment! and whilst I really enjoyed creating these little pieces I have put the sewing machine away...well for the time being anyway!

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