Saturday 8 September 2012

They do say things happen in 3's

As a footnote to the latest post; as as a result of the Cosmopolitan Pregnancy shoot, we had both, and Womens Day within 2 days of each other ask to feature Noah's Nursery in their magazines....this little dude is getting more press than some celebrities...followed up by US Site Spearmint baby a couple of weeks later.

Friday 7 September 2012

Little Boy Noah & his now famous retreat

What an honour it was to be asked to have my little mans nursery included in the latest edition of Cosmopolitan Pregnancy. Back in March we posted about the photo shoot and a few months later here the story is. It looks great and even the little guy was mesmerised seeing himself and a room that look remarkably familiar in a gloss mag.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Retail therapy...for us designers

Fortunately for us....but unfortunately for our blog readers we have been sooo busy we have neglected you...sorry!

In the last few months we have completely a gorgeous retail giftware store, another retail store documentation complete ready for construction and one more we are working through as I type.
It is true to say we are really loving retail design at the moment.

Quirky Cow Gifts opened recently & given is location of the seaside town of Kiama we wanted to avoid the common ‘Beachy’ theme preferring to focus on the history of the building (150 years old) and bring out its former beauty. Our clients wanted a sophisticated store with a Quirky spin....but not too crazy :)
Using reclaimed timber from a nearby farming property for the flooring, shelving and counter, this store has a real claim to the area, and little notes around the store explain the history. With an amazing feature of pressed tin as the backdrop for the store, enticing you up the old railway sleeper stairs to explore some more. The plasterboard has been removed from the buildings former use as a real estate, and the 150 year old bricks are exposed as a stunning backdrop to the products Sandra & Arthur have for sale...a hug variety of locally made, never seen before items, including their own range of teas.... and what a range, try the Chocolate & Truffle, its devine.

So much else going on but best get back to work...

Friday 20 July 2012


I love my weekly Elledecor email and this home - I just had to share...I think it is the windows...or rather the lack of solid walls that have taken my attention, the dining room is amazing, the pendant light is perfect for the space, the clever use of high windows = height and light.

Love the use of reclaimed timber, it takes the edge off the modern style.

Amagansett Homes: Victor and Athen Calderone’s Beach House on 3