Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Inside Celebrity Homes - Diane Keaton

Inside Diane Keaton’s Luxury Spanish Hacienda

With a passion for restoring old California homes, this one was definitely special, a Spanish Colonial Revival in Beverly Hills with a beautifully proportioned interior courtyard.
“Diane loves big spaces,” says New York designer Stephen Shadley “No ceiling can be too high, and no space can be too big for her.” She has a true sence of style which is very clear with her distinct fashion sence, but she knows what she wants for her family home too.
The overall design was to be plain and simple, with a deep but not reverential bow to California’s Spanish heritage. “I wanted to bring the house back to its core simplicity,” says Keaton. “Simplicity feels authentic.”
Spanish authenticity meant darkening blandly brown floors and ceiling beams. In the combined kitchen and family room, where Keaton spends much of her time, it meant the reverse. The room, which reflects the water in the pool, was made as light as possible make it light and breezy.
And then there is her hats, of which she is famous for —20 brimmed hats, two top hats and 34 caps and berets—are displayed neatly in her bedroom closet.

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