Monday 23 April 2012

Sewing in the rain!

Well it must have been the lousy weather we had last week but I dusted off my sewing machine and decided to whipped up a few little cuties.
I love them, and so does their new little owner. 

A tooth fairy cute... the little ones teeth goes in the heart pocket, love it! 

A little friend to take to bed, snug in it's little blanky/pillow case. We arent using a pillow yet and 'Master 15 months' doesnt even have a special bedtime teddy but I saw this in a book and couldn't resist trying to make my own.

A couple of people said I should be selling these little treasures, but with my snails pace sewing style I would need to speed it up alittle (or maybe alot!) to make it even remotely worth while.

oh and a cute little sewing kit for Miss Casey for her birthday...all mums must have a sewing kit!

I think I'm over my sewing moment! and whilst I really enjoyed creating these little pieces I have put the sewing machine away...well for the time being anyway!

Tuesday 10 April 2012

I really really really.....

....want to make a rustic timber bedhead....the fact our bedroom suite is only 2 years old is completely irrelevant...don’t tell my husband!
How can you not love these images, and with a dad like mine....who can make anything, this is definitely my (his) next task. I design and dad makes it....easy!!!
Dad also sources the timber, cuts, puts together and installs.....Hmmmm, but it was my idea, so I take the credit, right!
Now just to pick a style...courtesy of ofcourse!....oh and don't even get me started on using old Barn Doors inside ....that's another post another day!

Monday 9 April 2012

My new obsession

Well maybe I’m a little slower than the rest of you but I’ve recently discovered the fabulous world of ‘Pintrest’....and whilst it took forever for them to accept my request (what is going on there?!?) I am now pinning my heart away...
So many fabulous images and ideas, its an interior designers dream....surely I could do this all day in the name of "research".
Here are some of my most recent pins, but be warned…this may get you hooked as well. 

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 The designer in me wants this sooo bad, but I cant help but wonder how much weight is against that glass wall & how thick would that glass have to be to withstand that pressure.... Regardless of the all the questions it looks spectacular and would be a welcome addition in my home. Love the little tiles that flow through into the practical rebated shelf and the overall slight aqua green colouring. Understated and yet the perfect colour for a bathroom.

I would adore a space like this and what a fabulous use of otherwise wasted roof space. I am a big believer in the converted roof space and for a chill out zone....just perfect! to be enjoyed by the whole family. 
Love the washed out look to the cladded elements, comfy floor cushions and the overall blue/aqua tones evoking a beach hut style. Complimented beautifully by the freshly painted white cladding and flooring, I'm also loving the light streaming in by the cute little window.